Saturday, June 8, 2013

This Is Not Book by Keri Smith

So I got this the other day and I am beyond excited to get started on it. I promised myself I wouldn't begin yet unless my wreck this journal is almost or halfway finished. Or I'll probably just start when I really have nothing to do. Like maybe in class hehehehe. 

I'm doing the very first page though..... cheat page?

Day 1 - At home. Also, I do not know how to apply nail polish on self.
Day 2 - At Makati, Mama's place. Because of poorly applied nail polish, I took it off.
Day 3 - Brought it to Glorietta/SM Makati!!

Head Bangin'

1. Good For You - Icona Pop
you love my love, you're never gonna find better love (and i don't want you too) 
2. On Top Of The World - Imagine Dragons
i've been waiting to smile 'ay, been holding it in for a while 'ay 
3. Fade Into Darkness - Avicii
I've always wanted to party to Avicii (wow party girl) (lol i party by myself in my head)
4. Levels - Avicii
5. The Way - Ariana Grande ft. Mac Miller
6. Heart Skipped A Beat - The XX
8. Love And Drugs - The Maine // Acoustic
sophisticated mood swings, manipulated daydreams
9. Sad Songs - The Maine
10. Happy - The Maine
i'm half crazy, all just cracked up. - one of my curren favorites from their new album. 
11. Miss You - Ed Sheeran
Ed Sheeran.
12. Slow Dance Night - This Century. 

You could say I'm into those energetic, party songs. Julia's music genre has rubbed off on me. They make me want to jump up and down and mosh or something. AND I'M SO GLAD I FINALLY GOT TO LISTEN TO FOREVER HALLOWEEN. 

Friday, June 7, 2013

Series Of Skies

1. I painted this during the sleepover I had with Audrie. And it's the sky when the sun is setting. I think it kind of fails at that part.... But I still think it looks nice and it's already an accomplishment on my part. HAHA

2. ------------------------------------------------------------------ I wish I was rich. 

3. This is what I painted recently. Recently as in just the other day. I was originally going to paint a galaxy kind of thing but I felt like painting the sky more. HAHA DOES IT EVEN LOOK LIKE THE SKY??? I like it though, I TRIED HAHAHAHAHA. The cloud on the bottom right looks like a huge mistake though. 

After I was done painting that, I thought of a better way to paint the cloud onto the sky. Next time then. 

(On the other hand, I haven't even dropped my wreck this journal from a high place yet. Always planned on doing it at Beda, on the fourth floor.. But....Yeah.)

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


These people (plus Neil) surprised me at home on my birthday and it was quite a funny experince.

Here's the story:
Neil arrived with cheesecake. HOORAY. And I wanted to eat it but he was making me take a bath already so we could """leave for southmall""" and after 10 minutes or so of forcing me to take a bath and arguing about what I'm going to wear, I finally took a bath. And while I was taking a bath, I heard sounds in my room but I chose not to mind it.When I went out, I saw Audrie doing something and I said "Oh my god." and then she screamed. When I was presentable, I got out of my room and saw them ^^ HAHAHAHA Oh and Chua surprised me lol jump scare. 

This is really blurry (duh) but this deserved to be on here. 

No you can't see the yellow post-its HAHAHAHA LARA

And we did the salt and ice challenge. Unfortunately, I didn't feel any pain. Corny.
It was getting late (for ice skating) so we decided to leave already. But I wanted to blow out my candles with my friends around. #samdemands 

Oh and a special appearance from Kate. Thank you for the milk tea we all happily shared. 

These were the candles Neil brought though... happy birthday me 
*fast forward to southmall* 

Credits to the girl who took this photo for us. Oh why so blurry

Sadly, Brigette and Diana weren't able to make it to the food. Which is almost an okay thing. More food for us!!!

I've been wanting to go ice skating since Decemeber and finally after months of craving, FINALLY!!!! Chua had to leave earlier because she had to attend to certain matters. Diana and Brigette arrived though. Wahoo. 

Audrie, the one who was most prepared to ice skate.

(1/2) of my falls that were both caused by Neil.  (2/2) photos are with Lara!

Lara met some kids who taught her how to skate. They were cute but then they became a tad bit annoying. imsorrydontkillmechildgoddess

That's it for my birthday celebration!! Thanks to my friends for making this a really great day. 
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