Monday, December 28, 2015

mothly currents: december

A few more days before we say farewell to 2015. I'm pumped for what 2016  has in store for me but at the same time I just want to extend 2015 a bit longer. I'm not ready to go back to school and deal with my responsibilities. 

So for the month of December I've been...

WATCHING Love In Tokyo. Actually, I'm binge watching it. Thanks to my friend, Kaila for recommending this to me! I'm pretty sure this was a manga turned TV Show! Anyway, it's my first time watching a Japanese drama show - and it's really cute and funny. I squeal when I watch this. 
LISTENING to Silent Sanctuary. I found a new appreciation for their sound during Paskong Bedista and I've been streaming them on Spotify ever since. (I've been listening to The Beatles lately too. THANK YOU SPOTIFY!!)
WEARING Pajamas. The weather is lovely and perfect for pajamas. At least, where I am anyway.
WANTING inspiration and ideas! And more food. 
THINKING about...nothing in particular because I'm way too focused on what I'm binge watching.
EATING nothing, but if I there was a way, there would be a chicken sandwhich and a bucket of fries from Potato Corner by my side right now.
ENJOYING the Christmas gifts I recieced & Love In Tokyo!
FEELING a bit emotional because my little brother isn't so little anymore and everyone including me is growing up - and happy because it's still December.
WRITING a few blog posts I have in mind before the ideas vanish!
READING fanfiction. I am not ashamed. I have been reading dozens of fanfiction about Robb Stark and... Harry Styles.

And from Windows 8, I updated to Windows 10! I'm in love with it and in general, it doesn't make my laptop slow, but Sims 3 and my other games have turned slow, which sucks.

I don't know if you believe in New Year's Resolutions, but I do. You don't have to begin at the start of a new year, you can always have a new resolution at any given time, but the thought of a new year seems so grand although it's just simply a new day and a number added to the year. Having a set of resolutions gives me hope, something to look forward to, so I'm planning on making one tomorrow. 

Monday, December 21, 2015

why i love the christmas season

The love I have for the month for December is unexplainable. To be honest, I feel like I love December more than my own birth month. I love December for a very obvious reason, Christmas!


When I was younger, our house came alive with Christmas decorations, people were busy and buzzed around, my titos would play music on the speakers in the living room and our home was alive. But of course, eventually my titos moved out and the house became emptier and I got older, and my grandparents were too tired to put up the Christmas tree. I haven't seen our tree in almost 3 years, which makes me really sad.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Noel Bazaar & The Burgery

For the last day of November, me and my family went to the World Trade Center where the Noel Bazaar was being held. We've been going to the Noel Bazaar for 3 years straight (2, or probably more?) now and I'm hoping it's going to be a yearly thing for us!

Friday, November 20, 2015

monthly currents: november

November already!? 2 more months till we enter 2016... and I am still small. My final wish for 2015 is for God to bless me with height. Just 2 inches. I'll even settle for 1. PLEASE!?!? It's 5:20 in the morning as I type this. You must be thinking how an early bird I am. You are wrong on so many levels. I haven't slept yet. Mama, if you're reading this, I'm sorry. I'm working on my body clock, I promise. (I swear I'm working on it.) Do you think I like what's happening to my body clock!? I still want to grow taller! 

WATCHING Christmas themed videos/vlogs on Youtube. Honestly jealous of how people decorate their rooms to the current season... Yes, I'm one of those decorative people. If I had the money for it. (I want the items at typo. Please, please, please x600)
LISTENING to D-D-Dance by The Royal Concept. One Direction's new album, Made In The A.M. has been on repeat for the past few days though. 
WEARING my girl scout shirt. I am not always prepared and was definitely not a good girl scout during high school. Shoutout to Julia, Kate, Audrie and Ms. Sayo.
THINKING about how much I despise the fact that I'll have to be back at school on Monday. And how I should have been more interested in APEC!
EATING instant noodles. I have been eating so much instant noodles lately. This is the first time I've been this unhealthy. But instant noodles are hella good.
ENJOYING APEC week. I stayed in bed for majority of this week. And I may or may not have skipped taking a bath for two days.
FEELING disturbed and frustrated because of the recent events all over the world. Praying for everyone. I certainly want to help and not just tweet or post about what's happening, and I'm still figuring out how. I just realized at this moment that posting and tweeting about isn't useless. Especially if you're genuine about it. Spread awareness and be the good in the world!
WRITING this story I've been thinking about for the past few months and a few oneshots!! I'm patting myself on the back for finally starting something I'm interested in.
READING articles on how to grow taller. Not kidding. 

Time check: it's 5:38 am and  I know my blog will say otherwise but it's 5 in the morning. 

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Sem break 2015

Ah, sem break. I imagined spending you differently. I pictured myself not staying up till 4 am, starting that story I've been thinking of, starting my day right and not stuffing myself with unhealthy food. Two weeks ago, I saw drawing, working on blog posts, editing photos and videos... You know, all the stuff I always, always want to work on but normally can't because of school work?

But alas, I'm here burying myself in the internet till 4 am. Stuffing myself with Yakisoba and Coke. 2 packs of instant noodles and a tall glass of coke every night, respectively. At least I'm doing some of the things I really wanted like catch up with How to Get Away with Murder. With each episode, each of them gets deeper in shit, no matter what. I feel their stress. I also feel Caleb. MMMMMMM.

I also found a new love for something unexpected: SIMS 3.

I found Sims to be incredibly boring when I first installed it last summer, but the day we started our sem break, when I got home from school, I started playing it again - and it all went downhill from there.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

monthly currents: october

I know, I'm skipping September. I've been so busy I haven'te been doing much other than school work for September anyway. And I realized doing a monthly currently post probably makes more sense when I do it in the middle of the month right?

WATCHING Scream Queens. And to think it's finals week and I'm squeezing in episodes of Scream Queens. 
LISTENING to Perfect by One Direction. Harry singing rendevouz is my new favorite thing. 
WEARING house clothes in all black. Almost everything is better in black. I'm better in black.
WANTING a new watch to wear. 
THINKING about all the things I'll be doing once sembreak comes around. (This line deserves a YAAAAAAAAAAS.) 
EATING Auntie Anne's Cream Cheese Stix and Fruity Pebble from Jamba Juice. Both leave me no savings from my allowance. Good, healthy food is so expensive. The never ending cycle of trying to save: "I shouldn't buy but I really want some-I regret nothing-I never should have bought one it's so expensive I could have saved so much today-REPEAT"
ENJOYING the fact that classes are suspended tomorrow. Thanks for more time to procrastinate.
FEELING super stressed because it's finals week and deadlines are flying in from every angle of my life.
WRITING two final papers that are due tomorrow and Tuesday... and this. I am definitely procrastinating right now.
READING blog posts. I finished More Than This by Patrick Ness a few weeks ago and I enjoyed it a lot. Thank you ate Gail for the suggestion! 

I've added a reading and writing on my currently list mainly because I wasn't satisfied with the usual set I had. 

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

B&W: Just A Bunch Of Complaints

This post is about how broke and stressed I am with some nice photos I took over the short period I haven't blogged.

The feeling where each professor dump so much complicated work on you and it piles up and you have no idea which project you're supposed to start on. Everything just starts to be a jumbled mess in your head and you're stressing out because you know you're supposed to be doing this certain thing and that thing and you just have no idea what to start working on and how you're going to work on it.

The pile just kept on growing and I tried to make it smaller, but the evil ones (professors) kept dumping more work on top. I was too attempting to reduce this pile, I don't know what to do with what just arrived.


Thursday, September 3, 2015

Monthly Currents: August

August was... okay. It felt like a long month and here's what I've been doing regularly for August:

  • WATCHING How To Get Away With Murder! I am mind blown by this series and I can't wait for the second season. I get weird chills when I'm alone at home though. I feel like I'm going to be murdered at any second... 
  • LISTENING to The Maine, This Century at the start of August but by the end I had What Do You Mean by Justin Bieber on repeat. I love that song so much, I have no idea why. 
  • WEARING glasses, new school shoes & a black backpack. I finally got glasses, hooray! It helps me a lot in the classroom and my shoes are so comfy. Haha this is me upgrading my school gear.
  • WANTING a new book to read, cash to buy said book and time to read this book. I spend my time in bookstores drooling over books I want but can't have. I want pixar art books and YA novels, instead of enjoying my trips to Fully Booked or National, my heart cries.
  • THINKING about how exhausting it is to keep up with people you don't jive with. 
  • EATING  fried isaw and calamares. I've started eating street food last year and I've discovered my love for fried isaw. And in my almost 6 years in Beda, I have never eaten their calamares which is really good after all. I hate seafood so I avoided squid. lol
  • ENJOYING the rainy weather even though it's inonsistent. 
  • FEELING unsatisfied with some of my midterm grades even though I know I did really well! A little overwhelmed because of training and the futsal games too but I've been getting great sleep lately.
Photo credits to me, finally! 

Friday, August 28, 2015

To all my favorite bands & the girl who was in love with them...

Hi, it's me. The 12 year old girl who felt like she was taking on the world when she actually wasn't. Your songs were on repeat for many years. Thanks to each of you I found my best friend and also found myself. I'm not just saying that! I feel like I became a much better person. Me and my best friend went through so much and did many, many crazy things just to be able to hear you live and get a chance to meet you. I remember flooding my own timeline with my own tweets about you guys. One of my favorites is when #TheMaine-something something trended. I was going apeshit because The Maine arrived in Manila. I couldn't sleep because the next day I knew I'd be stalking them at their hotel with Audrie. We didn't see them at all though... We cried in the lobby and outside the hotel. Imagine the trouble we had to go through. I remember how jealous I was of warped tour and how bad I wanted it to happen here in Manila. I will never forget screaming my heart out at concerts and crying at the sight of your faces. My exact thoughts at every concert were: "Oh my god. They're real. They're here. In front of me. Moving. They're real people. These are their voices." I remember exploding when Kennedy from The Maine smiling at me and Jonathan from Forever The Sickest Kids saying he loved me (or probably Audrie so let's just say the both of us.) Those were and still are the highest points of my life.

My fangirl life wasn't very successful. I was a sad, broke one. We got into small arguments with bouncers. I mean, who hasn't? They can be so mean and violent. *Sob* Audrie even stabbed one with a sharpie! You could say all these bands were a foundation of who I turned out to be today. My username on 99% of my social media accounts are @thesamset, thanks to my obsession with The Summer Set. (Tell me you didn't ship Jess and Stephen. TELL ME.)

The reason why I suddenly decided to write this down or rather, type this down is because I found myself listening to my old music the other night and I got hit with nostalgia. I even teared up and texted my best friend about how sad I felt about missing The Maine and All Time Low for the nth time. Add in the news about This Century and their impending break up... I realized how many years have passed since I became their fan. A Rocket To The Moon have already split and now This Century is on the line. It made the fangirl in me come back to life. I was lucky I got to see A Rocket To The Moon live before the officially split up but will I be lucky enough to be able to hear the rest of my favorites before things end?

I felt like I was letting myself down by not being able to achieve the goals I had a few years ago such as attending every concert they'd be having here, meeting them, actually having a photo with them and feeling them. That sounds weird but you know - hugging them. I would stay up late at night imagining how things would go. How I would save up money and not touch that said money just so I could get VIP pit tickets and a meet and greet pass. (Yes pulp royaltly, I'm talking about you.) I had so much plans and promises to myself. Not being able to them years later kind of saddens me a little and actually proves how I've changed over time. As I grew older, my music taste grew and I got busy with life and friends and other aspects of life.

You could say I've drifted away from all this but I will never forget about each and every one of my favorite bands. I will never forget crying when the white curtain dropped at BRF 2 and Lost In Stereo started playing, heading to SM North right after my retreat and going through the extra effort to get last minute tickets for 8123. Every hardship was so worth it to hear my favorite bands live and see them smile in front of me. I could go on about how sad I am that I'm still broke and can't fund my fangirl life but that's unecessary.

The Maine, ARTTM, All Time Low, The Summer Set, FTSK, This Century (Okay, Owl City too!) etc, you will always have a special place in my heart tucked into my heart. I won't be able to forget amazing bands like you. My love for you is eternal. The love I have for each of you feels like the first love kind of love. Your music still gives me inspiration and picks me up from time to time. By the way, I find it funny how I have turned into such a hardcore Drake girl now. Didn't see that one coming either. The 12 year old me is still here. She's 17 now obviously and she's still hoping to be able to meet you guys one day.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Monthly Currents: July

WATCHING NOTHING. Would you believe how crazy July has been for me? I've been sleeping my way through the past month. I wasn't able to squeeze even one episode of any TV show! I'm also falling behind with my favorite vloggers. Ugh, the struggles of a fangirl.

LISTENING Drake, drake and more drake. I had a lot of Drake feelings for July.

WEARING a black pencil skirt. That thing has been my most go to bottoms to wear lately. So comfy and makes me feel good about myself. 

WANTING still a new phone. Reasons: I want a bigger screen, update my iOS without worrying about my battery life. I love my iPhone 4s, it's durability is amazing. (Not kidding, I've dropped this phone so many times and in so many...places.) A really stupid but real reason is so I can take better...selfies. There, I said it.

THINKING about my upcoming midterms and WNCAA. I also think about when school is going to give me a break. 

EATING buffalo wings. Burgers. Katsu. Repeat. 

ENJOYING all the food I've been stuffing myself with lately. My cheeks have grown 5 times bigger. 

FEELING disappointed again because I couldn't accomplish at least 3 of my goals for July! July was a lazy month for me. A lazy and walwal month. I don't remember picking up my ukulele at all. I should learn how to manage my time. 

July was... okay. A lot happened this month. Made lots of new friends and formed really great bonds. July was full of spontaneous wallet crunching decisions. Goal-wise, I'm not doing really well. I swear to do better this month! I hope everyone has a lovely August ahead. 

Sunday, July 12, 2015

PHOTO DUMP:Nikki's 18th Birthday Celebration

So.. This is somewhat a more personal post. 

Here is me and the pretty debutante! <3 I love you, Nikki!

Tres Marias. HAHAHAAHA

Birthdays are a great thing. Aside from the fact that they're birthdays, it's the perfect time and reason for friends to meet up and catch up! Meeting up with my high school friends are always a breath of fresh air. Seriously. I always find missing their vibes. (Yep, that is how I describe people. Through the vibes I get. Lol) These are the people I feel completely free and comfortable with. All my insecurities wash away whenever I'm with them. Real talk. I wish we were still studying in the same school together!

I'm calling this post a photo dump for a reason. We always take photos. Lots and lots of photos. Compilation for the future for when we play it on our 30th birthdays. Kidding. I LOVE TAKING PHOTOS OF THEM AND HAVING MY PHOTO TAKEN WITH THEM.

And here we have me, being vain. 

If you were wondering how I would look like if I ever won a Ms. Universe, here you go. You weren't wondering? Okay.

Nikki fed us at Bulgogi Brothers (One of my favorites!) and the food was so good and we all had a good time praising what we were eating. I cannot stress how good their meat was. Every time I took a bite I felt like I was about to enter heaven. I just love their meat as much as I love my friends. It's that good. Eating it with rice was perfect. Somebody stop me before I go into a detailed description of how soft and warm the rice was with the meat....... ok bye.

 Thank you for the treat, Nikki!



Sunday, July 5, 2015

Monthly Currents: June

Ta-da! A new blog series I've decided to place in my personal web space to teach me a little discipline and to help me avoid a blogger's block! 

For the past 3 years or so, I have always had months worth long of a sad, unproducing blog every time school rolled in. I refuse to let that happen again this school year so here I am, really trying to put effort in this because I really want to stick through with all my plans this year! 

I got this idea from my the #BeTheBestYou planner. It has a section every month where you jot down your currents for the month. I feel like my life is far too boring for a weekly current kind of thing so I thought why not do it monthly to sum up what I've been doing for most of the past month? Here it goes:

WATCHING: Modern Family!
I have been marathon-ing this series like crazy since school started. School is draining all the happy out of me and this really brightens up my mood at the end of the day. It fills me with hope and laughter. Strongly suggest people to pick this series up because it will literally fill you up with happiness and love. Must watch!

LISTENING: A lot of Ariana Grande.
I feel like I sound like her most of the times. Those are the times when I'm alone in my room or in the shower, singing along to her and cannot actually hear myself.

WEARING: My newly dyed hair + my school uniform
School just rolled in the past month and so that's the only pieces of clothing that's been rolling on my mind. I got my hair dyed as a birthday gift to myself, so that's new! Virgin hair no more, I finally got the guts to have it colored! I don't have a decent picture to show it off though but I'll be posting one reaaaal soon.

WANTING: a new school bag and a new phone
I want a new bag to lug around to school. Preferably a backpack! I've been wanting a new phone because I think it's about time my 4s retired. I'll admit it, I'm an incredibly vain person from time to time and I want to take good snapchats and selfies of myself. I've got a huge crush on myself. Bye.

THINKING: about how to manage my time and money!!!!
it's been two weeks of my sophomore college life and I'm still adjusting. The long breaks are still getting to me a lot but I can feel myself slowly adjusting to it. I should really push myself to do something productive with that time and push myself to buy unecessary snacks and items. I just love eating so much.

EATING: maki!
Obsessing over Ichnigo's Alaska Maki the whole month. I swear it's one of the best makis in the world. Forgive me if I'm using the word maki wrong! I promise it's completely worth it. The size and quality are perfect! Ichnigo's is located at Pergola, BF Homes. 

ENJOYING: the rain
I LOVE THE RAIN. TO THE HIGHEST LEVEL OF ALL LEVELS. The Philippines is slowly saying good bye to summer and greeting the rainy season with open arms. Although the rain is a hassle whenever I commute, I love it nonetheless. No one can stand the heat anymore. 

The long breaks in school are getting to me. The breaks are more tiring than school itself! 3 hours vacant with another hour and 30 minutes break every day! Seems fun but it's really a waste of time! It's tiring waiting for your next class okay?

Disappointed in myself because I was only able to blog once last month and I wasn't able to reach my target savings. I guess school literally drained me. I probably shouldn't blame the school for the money thing. I have to control my cravings! I will blame school for how tired I am at the end of the day! That, it should take full responsibility for. I am so tired when I arrive at home that most of the time I won't be able to eat dinner or do anything extra because my body just wants to recharge itself. 

I hope every body had a nice month of June. If you didn't.. I think that's impossible! There must've been something nice about June. At least one! Have a great July, guys!

Saturday, June 6, 2015


Me and my high school friends hit the beach a few weekends ago! It was for our friend, Fiona's 18th birthday celebration. She didn't want a traditional debut so she opted to sponsor a beach trip with us, her friends! Hooray. It was an overnight trip which made it way more fun because we weren't so cut for time and we could enjoy swimming and taking photos at the beach.

This was the house we stayed in. It was a big place and it had a pool behind. I swear I wanted a house this pretty. It was spacious and had lots of chairs too. There was a comfort room near the pool. Was it really a house? It's like a small bed and breakfast place. There was even a gym! (Which we probably weren't allowed to use. Haha.) Speaking of bed and breakfasts, I suddenly want to own one!

The house was directly in front of the beach too. Do you hear the part of me sighing in satisfaction? I do. Admit it, for some of us this is all we want to live in front of the beach. Dreamy sighing. There were stairs that led to the beach and even the stairs were something to look at. 

My favorite part about beaches are the waves! Because there is nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline, no matter how many times it's sent away. 

HAHA just kidding. That quote is beautiful though. I just spotted it on one of my friend's instaposts. Drama and quotes aside, I love waves. They just make everything more fun. Even if it's really strong and big and has the biggest possibility of taking you down and get hurt. Especially then! I just love it when that happens. I just love how the waves make me feel. From the small ones that calm me and the big ones that exhilirate me. 


Here is the birthday girl herself! Happy birthday, Fiona. <3 She was really aiming to get a good tan in the span of two days and I'm honestly happy she did. Reneg goals achieved!

I love this shot! Sand in my hair and surrounded by a wave that just crashed onto the shoreline. 

After lunch, we decided to hang by the pool. We even decided to play Royal Rumble. I just learned that very day that a Royal Rumble is multiple people playing chicken fight at the same time. At least that's what I think it is. I have never gone swimming with my friends without there being a chicken fight. It just isn't right if there isn't one! For the record, I can't recall a single time I didn't participate in a chicken fight. I'm small so it's easy to carry me around! Haha. 

Credits to Nikki Cruz for the two amazing shots above! 

This is the kind of weather summer is supposed to be all about. Lounging by the pool with friends, no phone in hand and happily enjoying an unlimited supply of ice cream. Okay, it wasn't unlimited but it sure felt like it. 

Sitting around like that was pure bliss. We didn't need an electric fan of any sort. Just the warm breeze drying our bodies and sunshine. It was the kind of warm that made you like summer. I'm guessing it was tolerable because it was the kind of summer heat we hear about in books and not the waking up drenched in sweat kind of heat we usually experience in the city. I'm betting the reason why the heat is so unbearable in the city is because of the pollution. *Insert worried thoughts about global warming here.*

Squad goals! Actual squad goals. We have been planning to hit the beach almost every year since senior year. Which is actually not too long ago...high school feels like a really long time ago. We're entering our second year of college! Wow.

Our first pose was in honor of our friend, Diana (the one in the one piece suit) for finally showing up and proving she was alive. We haven't seen or heard from her in months.

It's sad that we're missing 5 of our friends. It would've been waaaay more fun with them around!

Some of us woke up pretty early on the second day to hit the beach. Make most of the remaining time since we'd be leaving after lunch! We finally ventured out to the deeper part of the ocean. We weren't able to do that yesterday due to the amount of rocks but we found another way! There were still a lot of rocks but at least it wasn't as shallow as those near the shoreline! Unfortunately, some of us were unable to get back onto land unscathed! 

I sat by the rocks and enjoyed the waves crashing into me even though some of them were way too strong and I actually fell back against the sharp shells and got a small cut on my back! Totally worth it. 

We left after lunch and our bathroom was so pretty I didn't want to leave it. 

To be honest, I hate getting darker. It's an insecurity I developed late last year. But being around these people made me not care about anything at all. I hope that these are the people that are going to stick around till the next decade and so on. 

If you want to go on a trip like this with your friends, it's going to take a lot of careful planning depending on the kind of parents your friends have! I know everyone sees and knows that "spontaneous trips are the best" and they are but unfortunately life doesn't roll like that. 

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