Saturday, January 3, 2015

cold nights

1. 7-11 trips in the middle of the night.

There are two types of people at 2:57 am. 

2. Again, the cold air! Ahh. Love. 

Empty BF streets! Such a pretty sight to see. Not to mention rare, since BF is always buzzing with trikes, people and cars. 

3. Sharing stories with friends and making lots of plans regardless if they ever push through or not. (Hopefully most of them push through though!)

4. Coming home to my warm and loving room. 

Audrie and Lara headlining this post again. The faces of my blog??

Sidestory: We tried to eat at Atoy's again today.... Because porkchop is worth the effort but they were still closed. Sobs for entire atoy's porkchop lovers. 

School starts on Monday. Save me and my body clock. 

on point

Here's the good for my day:

1. Sleeping in.
2. Hanging out with my little brother.
3. Finally pushing through with a sleepover with two of my favorite people today.

We've been planning a sleepover with each other for most of the long weekends and vacations of 2014 and today we finally got to meet up with them! Lara on the left and Audrie on the right. 

Mmm, tapsi. We were supposed to eat at Atoy's but... it was closed. (HOW DISAPPOINTING.) A sad note on this: I have been craving for Atoy's porkchop for the longest time and the last time I was there, they didn't have porkchop! (Their sisig is really good though.) So we had our trike go straight to Sinangag instead. 

4. The really, really cold weather. 

Oo, may connection tong selfie ko sa cold weather.
Another one of my favorite parts for the first few months of the new year is that it gets really chilly in Manila and I absolutely love it! We walked around outside and I swear we repeated the lines "ANG LAMIG!" a dozen times. We went to Pergs to play video games but got distracted by the amount of books Playbook had and decided to play video games next time since we were short on cash. 

Another sad note: My thighs have gotten bigger in the past year. PLEASE. 

5. Wifi party at Lara's place. 

Thursday, January 1, 2015


Happy new year! 2015 has just rolled in, (no shit, sherlock) and I decided to post the good in my every day. 😊



We had a rainy first day of the year. I believe that it's a great thing since I love rainy weather. Especially when I'm not commuting. We hit the mall today to watch one of MMFF's movies, English Only Please!

We've been meaning to watch this film for the past few days but we always seemed to run out of tickets! A clear sign that it was a hit with the Filipino crowd. Watching it today, it met my expectations! I enjoyed the whole thing very much. Definitely recommend this for those who enjoy rom-coms like me! That's the highlight for the first day of 2015 for me. How did yours go?

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