Wednesday, April 29, 2015

RUB Ribs & BBQ

For my mom's birthday, she decided to celebrate and treat the family and her squad at Rub Ribs & BBQ. It tastes as good as it looks. 

This branch or Rub is located somewhere along Baler street, somewhere in Makati. Sorry for the crappy directions. It was my first time here and I really liked how it looked. I also appreciated the photos on the wall with really inspirational quotes made in a way that was really pleasing to the eyes. There was one particular wall that really interested me but sadly, I wasn't able to take a picture of it. I assumed it was a blackboard (or not) and on it was written "The best kind of people are those who love to eat." Those weren't the exact words but that's the idea.

One of the flaws of the place is that it's small yet popular. That's almost never a good thing since that's less space for customers.

Random fact about me: I used to dislike salad with passion till I ate that. I probably won't bother with salad if there isn't any dressing though. Actually, I only like the lettuce with dressing. End of story.

Though Rub is known for their ribs, I have to say my favorite are their buffalo wings. That's saying something since I'm not a huge fan of spicy things. All of the food we ordered tasted great! I wouldn't say the same for the service though. They were quite unpleasant. The kind of unpleasant that affects your mood too. Good thing it didn't overpower the good vibes we had going on!

Lola + Cousins! 

^ My mom and her friends. They are squad goals tbh.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

shower tunes

I Don't Like It, I Love It (feat. Robin Thicke) - Flo Rida
Post To Be (feat. Chris Brown & Jhene Aiko) - Omarion
Trap Queen - Fetty Wap
English Girls - The Maine
Strangers - Seven Lions, Myon & Shane 54, Tove Lo
Take Me Home (feat. Bebe Rexha) - Cash Cash
Through The Dark - One Direction
Girl Almighty - One Direction

Don't Look Down - Martin Garrix
Best Song Ever - One Direction

A few weeks ago, I got a few questions on my that were about my bathing habits! Kind of weird yet really amusing at the same time. Thanks to the anon who sent those questions. Because of that I decided to post a playlist of the songs I've been playing lately while I bathe.

Most of it are pop/edm songs and songs that are fun to sing along to basically since I like singing along under the shower... hahaha. Which explains the amount of One Direction songs. Pushing aside the fact that I'm somewhat a closet directioner, their songs are really, really catchy!

Thursday, April 16, 2015


Happy birthday mama!!! I am so grateful to have you as my mother. Even though I do not see or talk to you every day, I'm always able to feel your love and support wherever I go. I know you are always there for me.

You are an amazing mother to me and Gio. We do not say it enough but we appreciate everything you do for us. I am proud to say you have raised us well. I wouldn't be who I am now if it wasn't for you. I am really happy that we have an open relationship and I can talk to you about almost everything.

I just want you to know you are a very special person. Not only to me. I'm sure you have touched plenty of people's lives with your kind heart and open mind. You always brighten up my day like the sun. Which is pretty ironic since your name is Sunshine. And you are. Literally and figuratively. You are sunshine in many people's lives and I hope you know that. You have an extraordinary mind which I hopefully inherited. Whenever I call you weird, I mean it in the best way. Your thoughts are different and out of the box. I bet no one in our lifetime will ever call you a boring person.

I'm so lucky to have you around and I pray that God will give you more blessings and take care of you and your health. I hope you take care of yourself more too. I will always be here for you mama. I know I always seem busy with all my plans but I always think of you and ways to see you. I also miss you every day I'm not with you. Even though you don't listen to my rants whenever I'm around.

Actually, you do, but it takes about 5-90 "MAMAS" & "You're not listening to me!!" to fully get your attention. Not that I mind. I think it's turned into a thing for us. I love you mama. Happy 39th birthday!!! I just had mention your age. Hihi. I'm sorry,

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Easter Picnic

 About 2 weeks ago for Easter Sunday, my dad and his girlfriend decided to have a picnic at Ayala Triangle. The whole thing certainly brightened up my day since I had originally planned to stay at home in front of my loving laptop.

Short girl problems. Look at the end of my leggings.

My dad is not wearing cute socks. Sigh. One thing you should know about me is that I love cute/cool looking socks. I adore them.

So my dad and his girl brought along food with them so we didn't have to buy any at the restaurants. It turned out pretty well because I am in love with tomatoes. The pita bread was good too. I don't recall what we made. It looks like a burrito right? So it's probably a burrito.

I'm not going to say that Ayala Triangle that Ayala Triangle is one of my favorite places but I enjoy all the times we end up here. It's a really pretty place with a lot of trees. The place makes you want to chill with friends or go for a jog. In short, this place is wonderful.

And of course with a really pretty place why would I not undergo a little photoshoot?

We got some ice cream after and to my delight, I was able to get my favorite ice cream flavor, ferrero! There was this period during the school year where I would literally travel to Town from school just to get some ice cream. Not to mention that it costs a fortune! Sad wailing is heard here.

I swear this is as candid as it gets.

A lot of dogs were around the place too and some of them were free to roam on their own. That made me want to get a dog just to make it love me then follow me around without any leash. Or at least make sure the cutie makes his way back to me. One dog came to where we were staying and I got to stroke it. So soft.

You could say this was the first time I experienced a planned out picnic. It was nice. I definitely want to do this with my friends. Or not. I have mixed emotions. The grass was nice. End of story.

Hope you had a nice Easter!

Thursday, April 2, 2015


Spontaneous trips are always appreciated in my book. 

When we were on our way home from class, one of best friends, Louise decided to go and drive around. Naturally, I decided to tag along. 

Her dad tagged along too. To him, Louise's drving skills weren't very good for him but they seemed fine to me.

I seriously enjoy roadtrips with friends especially when you have good music on. We had old pop songs playing and it felt really nice to hear songs you haven't heard in the past year. Blast from the past. Swoosh.

It was so windy and the scenery was really nice. I love driving though C5. Lol correct me if I'm wrong. I've only been here a few times! I'm probably over reacting but I feel really bubbly whenever I'm in a car with friends. Like you can go and do whatever you want and you're with your friends. Something funny or amazing is bound to happen.

We kept going on and on till we reached a place where we thought it would be cool to do some street photography for our humanities project. Street photography was actually Louise's theme, mine was football. After that was done, we ended up at SM Sucat where we ate dinner and looked at cars that were on display. Oh how I wish I could have my own car and go on roadtrips myself!

I also want to dedicate this blog post to Louise, thanks for all the spontaneous things and struggles we have gone through. All the love, S. HAHAHAAHA ok kidding bye wow dedication really, Sam? Alright.

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