Sunday, July 12, 2015

PHOTO DUMP:Nikki's 18th Birthday Celebration

So.. This is somewhat a more personal post. 

Here is me and the pretty debutante! <3 I love you, Nikki!

Tres Marias. HAHAHAAHA

Birthdays are a great thing. Aside from the fact that they're birthdays, it's the perfect time and reason for friends to meet up and catch up! Meeting up with my high school friends are always a breath of fresh air. Seriously. I always find missing their vibes. (Yep, that is how I describe people. Through the vibes I get. Lol) These are the people I feel completely free and comfortable with. All my insecurities wash away whenever I'm with them. Real talk. I wish we were still studying in the same school together!

I'm calling this post a photo dump for a reason. We always take photos. Lots and lots of photos. Compilation for the future for when we play it on our 30th birthdays. Kidding. I LOVE TAKING PHOTOS OF THEM AND HAVING MY PHOTO TAKEN WITH THEM.

And here we have me, being vain. 

If you were wondering how I would look like if I ever won a Ms. Universe, here you go. You weren't wondering? Okay.

Nikki fed us at Bulgogi Brothers (One of my favorites!) and the food was so good and we all had a good time praising what we were eating. I cannot stress how good their meat was. Every time I took a bite I felt like I was about to enter heaven. I just love their meat as much as I love my friends. It's that good. Eating it with rice was perfect. Somebody stop me before I go into a detailed description of how soft and warm the rice was with the meat....... ok bye.

 Thank you for the treat, Nikki!



Sunday, July 5, 2015

Monthly Currents: June

Ta-da! A new blog series I've decided to place in my personal web space to teach me a little discipline and to help me avoid a blogger's block! 

For the past 3 years or so, I have always had months worth long of a sad, unproducing blog every time school rolled in. I refuse to let that happen again this school year so here I am, really trying to put effort in this because I really want to stick through with all my plans this year! 

I got this idea from my the #BeTheBestYou planner. It has a section every month where you jot down your currents for the month. I feel like my life is far too boring for a weekly current kind of thing so I thought why not do it monthly to sum up what I've been doing for most of the past month? Here it goes:

WATCHING: Modern Family!
I have been marathon-ing this series like crazy since school started. School is draining all the happy out of me and this really brightens up my mood at the end of the day. It fills me with hope and laughter. Strongly suggest people to pick this series up because it will literally fill you up with happiness and love. Must watch!

LISTENING: A lot of Ariana Grande.
I feel like I sound like her most of the times. Those are the times when I'm alone in my room or in the shower, singing along to her and cannot actually hear myself.

WEARING: My newly dyed hair + my school uniform
School just rolled in the past month and so that's the only pieces of clothing that's been rolling on my mind. I got my hair dyed as a birthday gift to myself, so that's new! Virgin hair no more, I finally got the guts to have it colored! I don't have a decent picture to show it off though but I'll be posting one reaaaal soon.

WANTING: a new school bag and a new phone
I want a new bag to lug around to school. Preferably a backpack! I've been wanting a new phone because I think it's about time my 4s retired. I'll admit it, I'm an incredibly vain person from time to time and I want to take good snapchats and selfies of myself. I've got a huge crush on myself. Bye.

THINKING: about how to manage my time and money!!!!
it's been two weeks of my sophomore college life and I'm still adjusting. The long breaks are still getting to me a lot but I can feel myself slowly adjusting to it. I should really push myself to do something productive with that time and push myself to buy unecessary snacks and items. I just love eating so much.

EATING: maki!
Obsessing over Ichnigo's Alaska Maki the whole month. I swear it's one of the best makis in the world. Forgive me if I'm using the word maki wrong! I promise it's completely worth it. The size and quality are perfect! Ichnigo's is located at Pergola, BF Homes. 

ENJOYING: the rain
I LOVE THE RAIN. TO THE HIGHEST LEVEL OF ALL LEVELS. The Philippines is slowly saying good bye to summer and greeting the rainy season with open arms. Although the rain is a hassle whenever I commute, I love it nonetheless. No one can stand the heat anymore. 

The long breaks in school are getting to me. The breaks are more tiring than school itself! 3 hours vacant with another hour and 30 minutes break every day! Seems fun but it's really a waste of time! It's tiring waiting for your next class okay?

Disappointed in myself because I was only able to blog once last month and I wasn't able to reach my target savings. I guess school literally drained me. I probably shouldn't blame the school for the money thing. I have to control my cravings! I will blame school for how tired I am at the end of the day! That, it should take full responsibility for. I am so tired when I arrive at home that most of the time I won't be able to eat dinner or do anything extra because my body just wants to recharge itself. 

I hope every body had a nice month of June. If you didn't.. I think that's impossible! There must've been something nice about June. At least one! Have a great July, guys!
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