Sunday, October 18, 2015

monthly currents: october

I know, I'm skipping September. I've been so busy I haven'te been doing much other than school work for September anyway. And I realized doing a monthly currently post probably makes more sense when I do it in the middle of the month right?

WATCHING Scream Queens. And to think it's finals week and I'm squeezing in episodes of Scream Queens. 
LISTENING to Perfect by One Direction. Harry singing rendevouz is my new favorite thing. 
WEARING house clothes in all black. Almost everything is better in black. I'm better in black.
WANTING a new watch to wear. 
THINKING about all the things I'll be doing once sembreak comes around. (This line deserves a YAAAAAAAAAAS.) 
EATING Auntie Anne's Cream Cheese Stix and Fruity Pebble from Jamba Juice. Both leave me no savings from my allowance. Good, healthy food is so expensive. The never ending cycle of trying to save: "I shouldn't buy but I really want some-I regret nothing-I never should have bought one it's so expensive I could have saved so much today-REPEAT"
ENJOYING the fact that classes are suspended tomorrow. Thanks for more time to procrastinate.
FEELING super stressed because it's finals week and deadlines are flying in from every angle of my life.
WRITING two final papers that are due tomorrow and Tuesday... and this. I am definitely procrastinating right now.
READING blog posts. I finished More Than This by Patrick Ness a few weeks ago and I enjoyed it a lot. Thank you ate Gail for the suggestion! 

I've added a reading and writing on my currently list mainly because I wasn't satisfied with the usual set I had. 

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

B&W: Just A Bunch Of Complaints

This post is about how broke and stressed I am with some nice photos I took over the short period I haven't blogged.

The feeling where each professor dump so much complicated work on you and it piles up and you have no idea which project you're supposed to start on. Everything just starts to be a jumbled mess in your head and you're stressing out because you know you're supposed to be doing this certain thing and that thing and you just have no idea what to start working on and how you're going to work on it.

The pile just kept on growing and I tried to make it smaller, but the evil ones (professors) kept dumping more work on top. I was too attempting to reduce this pile, I don't know what to do with what just arrived.

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Maira Gall