about me

Samantha Geronimo, 18. Hi. I'm attempting to carry out something great. I like to believe I'm a bit of everything mixed into one small body. I'm into so many things that it's crazy and frustrating yet lovely all at the same time. I also vlog when I have extra time so check it out: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCg0wL3gdD7pZNJmKFgHq1iA
I'm weird, but aren't we all? I like to read, write and sometimes, draw. I want to travel, but I also have an intense want to stay at home. I try my best to cut my carbon footprint because God knows how environment conscious I am. My biggest pet peeves are grammar errors and being tickled. I know, grammar mistakes can't be avoided all the time, even I make them, but you know that really ticked off feeling you get when you see something you dislike? Yeah. Being tickled also puts me off. I hate that.

I play football/futsal and I enjoy it. I'm a Communications and Media student from San Beda College Alabang - and I've attempted to blog since I was a freshman in high school, that was in 2010. This blog I have now is here to stay, (hopefully!) and it's going to be filled with my thoughts, and things about my rather uneventful, sometimes eventful life. Feel free to talk to me!