about me

sam all over is a blog page about everything. yes, you read that right. everything. just like the owner, this blog is all over the place. 

samantha geronimo is a 20 year old trying to do something great. she likes to believe she's a bit of everything all mixed into one tiny body. to make things simpler for you, sam is into the following: books, writing, dancing, vlogging, movies, art, comics, video games, travelling and the likes. her heart and interests are just literally all over the place.

she loves vlogging about everything as well so go and check it out: https://www.youtube.com/c/SamanthaGeronimo

her biggest pet peeves are grammar errors and being tickled. she does realize these mistakes can't be avoided all the time because she makes them as well. it just irks her.

samantha loves playing football/futsal. 

samantha is a communications and media graduate from san beda college alabang - and has been attempting to blog since freshman year in high school, 2010.